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Available Soon: Co-ownership of Management 3.0

Fri, 01/13/2017 - 14:20

Exactly one year ago, Management 3.0 was named as the front-runner of “The Third Wave of Agile“.

In 2015, the Management 3.0 workshop licensing business grew by 43%.
In 2016, our team was able to grow the annual revenue by another 45%.

What will happen in 2017?

I’m not sure. But whatever it is, you can own and enjoy the results!

Some people have accused me of being a dictator. Indeed, in the last five years, I have always been the single owner of the Management 3.0 business. But I tried to be a benevolent dictator.

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Facebook privacy! I am SHOCKED.

Sun, 12/25/2016 - 02:36


I have been following the conversations around Facebook’s (lack of) privacy rules and people inform me that Facebook is collecting data about everything that I do and they SELL this data to advertisers!! This means that it is NO COINCIDENCE that Facebook shows me advertisements for products that I bought yesterday, cheap flight tickets to cities that I just returned from, and magazines that I am already subscribed to. OMG, can you believe that??

And they are doing their best to MINE EVEN MORE DATA about me with the sole purpose of showing me ads that even better match my needs and desires!! Seriously, at some point, those ads might actually become useful. That means that, instead of clicking on a Facebook ad, on average, once per year, they might entice me to click on them TWICE per year. The HORROR!

They do all this just so that I can use their service for free, for several hours per week. I get value without paying anything, and Facebook keeps analyzing all my behaviors so that they can optimize it until I like their system so much that I don’t want to leave.

It’s insane. No company should be allowed to operate like this.

Why are governments not doing anything?!!

I am so disappointed in Mark Zuckerberg. I honestly thought that he was the world’s most generous philanthropist, paying for this platform for all of us, with his 40 billion dollars. I figured it was simply a mind-blowing coincidence that for two weeks straight, I saw Facebook ads for mattresses, which started one day after I bought two mattresses. I genuinely thought that Facebook was more like a charity organization. I was asking around how I could donate money!


Governments should put an end to this! I insist that Facebook snoops on me WITHOUT offering me anything of value.

Like governments do.

(c) 2013 Sarah Marshall, Creative Commons 2.0

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The Ultimate Top 200 Best Novels, Ever

Mon, 12/19/2016 - 18:56

I love novels.
And I love lists.

What better way for me to spend some cold and rainy days near the end of the year 2016 making a list of the best novels ever written? I truly desired to know which novels I should read before I die, according to the opinions of experts and book lovers. So I started a project that took me (and my assistant) several weeks to complete. You can now download the results.

In other words, here is my Christmas gift for you:

(226 Books to Read Before You Die)

For your convenience, I have linked each title to its Amazon page. Each author is linked to the author’s Wikipedia page, and the publication year is linked to the book’s page on GoodReads.

I hope you enjoy reviewing this list as much as I enjoyed making it. If you find any errors or mistakes, or if you know a way to improve this list, please feel free to let me know.

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My Core Values

Fri, 11/11/2016 - 14:00

I’m writing this the day after Donald Trump won the election to become the 45th President of the United States. It is a day many of us are sure to remember.

Others have written enough about Trump’s behaviors, ethics, and his style of communication. There is nothing for me to add. Maybe the best way of dealing with the current situation (and the next four years) is to reflect on our own personal values. Criticizing others is easy. But what about being more critical of ourselves?

So… I had a good look at myself, the things that motivate me, and the aspects of my work ethic that I value above everything else. After extensive deliberation, I came up with five core values. I call them my IICCC (double I, triple C):

Independence: I do everything to stay free and autonomous
Integrity: I treat everyone fairly and equally, without discrimination
Curiosity: Exploring and understanding the world has my highest priority
Creativity: Making new things and being innovative is equally important
Competence: When I do work I enjoy, I aim to become very good at it

That’s it! Those are my new core values.

Of course, defining your values is the easy part. The hard part is living them. That will require regular reflection and maybe some rewards for my good behaviors. Some chocolate cookies perhaps.

Let’s hope that Donald Trump is doing a similar exercise.

(This post is part of my soon-to-be-announced Agility Scales project.)

(c)2015 Nichole Burrows, Creative Commons 2.0

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My Purpose

Tue, 11/08/2016 - 11:15

As part of my (soon-to-be-announced) Agility Scales project, I decided to practice what I preach, lead by example, and eat my own dog food. I am happy to share my personal purpose in this blog post.

Every team, organization and individual benefits from crafting a purpose (also called a mission) and focusing on meaningful work. A purpose (or mission) is about why you do your work.

As Simon Sinek says, start with why.

I firmly believe that your purpose should match your actual behaviors. If your intent is to do one thing, but your actions show you’re doing something else, then your purpose has a problem. That’s why I had a critical look at my work habits over the last few years to see if there is a clear “why”.

Patterns were hard to identify because I’ve done many things that seem totally unrelated. I cannot say that my purpose is writing, or speaking, or changing the world of management, because I happily also did other things that did not fit those categories, and I did not consider that a waste of my time.

However, I only do work that I enjoy; I always try to turn that work into revenue streams, and I only want to do things that matter to other people. I canceled many experiments because I lost interest, lost money, or lost people’s support.

This insight reminded me of a slogan that I once came up with:

Make fun, make money, and make a difference.

I have decided to turn this slogan into my personal mission statement. It describes what I’ve done for the last seven years; it’s what I want to do for many years to come; and it guides my decision-making process, at least for now.

Some critics from the English language police may object and say that “making fun” should actually be “having fun”. I know that. But I like having a bit of fun with the English language, and many people know me for making fun of both myself and others. I don’t take everything too seriously. So there.

Other critics may point out that the statement is too general. Almost any kind of work could match this purpose. In fact, it looks suspiciously similar to the Ikigai model, which says that your purpose is the cross-section of what you love, what you’re good at, what the world needs, and what people are willing to pay for.

I agree.

But maybe that is exactly the point of my mission statement. It’s not the purpose of a team or company; it’s the purpose of me. I want the freedom to do anything I want, and be able to change my focus to any new opportunity, including things I haven’t even imagined yet. But the self-imposed constraints remain: I should always enjoy the work, earn an income, and do something meaningful for others. Make fun, make money, and make a difference.

And that’s a fine purpose to have, I think.


Photo: (c) 2009  Seth Sawyers, Creative Commons 2.0

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The Future of Management 3.0

Wed, 10/12/2016 - 08:18

Do you want to own and scale up one of the most innovative leadership brands in the world?

Six years ago, I started working on Management 3.0 courseware and workshops. Quite rapidly, other trainers signed up to offer my classes to their own clients because there was nothing quite like it out there. Now, six years later, there are 175 Management 3.0 facilitators worldwide offering hundreds of workshops per year. We have an enthusiastic team assisting with support and marketing, a new full-color book, Managing for Happiness, that is already being translated to several languages, amazing-looking new content modules, and a new and improved curriculum that will be launched per January 1, 2017.

The next step?

I will hand over the Management 3.0 brand to others.

Management 3.0 was called one of the leaders of the Third Wave of Agile. We now see other institutions offering agile leadership workshops and certificates. After my keynote at Agile 2016 in Atlanta, several organizations reached out to me to discuss collaboration with the Management 3.0 team. Despite increased competition, our workshops are widely seen as the most successful, the most playful and colorful, and definitely the most innovative among all leadership programs. Even managers and teachers at traditional business schools take notice and have asked for my time to talk with them.

However, I am not the right person to scale up this business.

I am a writer, speaker, and entrepreneur. I am not an effective CMO, COO or CEO. I don’t fly around the world to talk with training institutions, content channels, and business partners. It doesn’t make me happy. I’m not good at hiring Account Managers or Vice Presidents of Business Development. And I am certainly not the right person to develop business strategies and optimize revenue streams. I’m good at spotting new opportunities and experimenting with innovative ideas. I’m not so good at scaling up those solutions once they seem to work well and need a boost in execution.

It is time to hand over the reigns to others.

Do you want co-ownership of Management 3.0 with me?
Do you have the talent to scale up a successful startup?
Do you have time and money to invest in this business?

Contact me.

I know the Management 3.0 brand can grow to include workshops and courses to cover many more topics and target audiences. I’m sure there are hundreds of channels and publishers that will be glad to distribute our colorful materials. And it’s certain that training institutes worldwide are in desperate need of innovation.

I do my best work when I contribute as a writer, speaker, and entrepreneur. If you let me do that, I will happily let you grow the company.

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